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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Whistling Kites and others at the Alice Springs Poo Ponds

In all there were 4 juvenile Whistling Kites playing around the ponds late this afternoon. They seemed to be scattering birds but not really doing anything more than playing around. At one point one of them landed in a flock of Corellas and the Corellas split into two, but after the landing neither the kite nor the corellas seemed too interested in the other:

Had both Little and Long-billed Corellas and obligingly they managed to be close enough together to be able to show the differences in the one photo:

The Long-billed is the third bird from the left with the stronger deep pink/red markings and the unmistakable longer beak/bill compared to the Little Corella next to it, second from the left.

I've included this one as they are quite similar around the eye
... well except for the red colouring :-)

Some of the other birds worth showing from this afternoon appear below:
Black-fronted Dotterel

Black-tailed Godwit

as above having a yawn with a Red-necked Avocet not amused

Gossy Ibis

Red-kneed Dotterel (can't understand why that name!)

Red-necked Avocet and a single Black-winged Stilt.
Haven't really noticed the blue legs on the Avocets before,
probably have trouble getting beyond the beak.

Torresian Crow

1 comment:

  1. Great demonstrative shots & reminds me to not assume that all birds in the flock are the same!

    You appear to be the sparkle in that crow's eye!