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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Down you go Grasshopper, said the Sacred Kingfisher

I was sitting in the back yard, trying to see where the Sacred Kingfisher was that was "peeping" away in the next door neighbours tree. I'd already grabbed the camera, and for the life of me couldn't see it, even though it was continually calling. Fortunately, its mate came along and I figure it must have been saying "come on, I'm hungry". The photos are mainly of the second one, the first one that was making all the noise can be seen sitting and then flying off in the background:

"Hey You up there, look what I've got!"

I can show you this way ....

... or my party trick

sorry Grasshopper, your going down ...

... down you go

"hey, don't you want to hang around?"

Oh well, I'll just sit here and look pretty!

Not as pretty as me after I have had a wash and preened myself!

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