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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hooded Robin

Went to a new spot yesterday and had a wonderful Hooded Robin experience. When I pulled up he was sitting in a tree, not far from the car, but not exactly close:
From the bush, he flew down onto the gravel area and slowly but surely moved closer and closer. I stayed by the car most of the time but did move around, and he didn't seem too fazed by my presence.
There was a mound of rubble piled up in the middle of the area where cars can turn around. From the gravel area he flew onto this mound, much to my delight.
There was a Willie Wagtail nearby also and I was thinking how wonderful it would be if they flew close to one another so I could take a photo that demonstrated the difference between these two small black and white birds. They obliged my wishes.
The wagtail then flew off, and I felt I had intruded enough on the Robin's "space" so I bird-watched elsewhere for a little while. As I returned to the car, I kept an eye out for the Robin. I needn't have worried as he was very intent on catching insects on and around the mound of rubble.
He was giving me lovely views. The next photo is cropped by about half to show the beautiful definition of the face, whiskers etc.
And finally, I felt I was so close I could almost reach out and hand feed him, ok, a little bit further than that, but the last photo was taken within about 3 metres of the bird.
A truly enjoyable experience.

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