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Monday, 16 May 2011

Wedge-tailed Eagle, White-plumed Honeyeater, Brown Quails, Variegated Fairy-wrens and Australian Raven

There seems to be a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles who have been frequenting the saltbush areas on the eastern side of the Todd River. Today was the fourth day in a row I have seen them. The variety of bird life seems to have diminished recently, not sure if the two are connected.

Here are some shots from today starting with the Wedge-tailed Eagle:
Next is an Australian Raven, resplendent in the sun showing off those beautiful colours they possess:
The Brown quails are still very quick but maybe they are getting used to me as I seem to be able to get decent photos each outing recently. Here is one from today:
The white-plumed Honeyeaters were not as numerous as they have been, but one was very friendly and sat on a branch not far above my head:
The Variegated Fairy-wrens have been proving much more difficult to photograph compared to some of the other wrens. In the saltbush they are very noisy, but don't seem to want to perch on the tops of the bushes. Although I was close for both these photos, you will see there are some annoying grasses and branches/leaves which stopped the full shots of these in all their splendour. Ladies first:

Female Variegated Fairy-wren:

Male Variegated Fairy-wren:

Other varieties included Grey Shrike-thrush juvenile, Zebra Finches, a lone Magpie, Rainbow Bee-eater, Torresian Crows, and another bird of prey I couldn't get a good enough shot with, but was almost certainly a Brown Falcon, Galahs, Crested Pigeons, Magpie Larks, and Weebills. Conspicuous by their absence were the Willy Wagtails, until now one of the few birds I have seen each day during my lunchtime sojourns into the scrub.

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