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Monday, 21 March 2011

Red-browed Pardalote

Red-browed or Striated Pardalote? If I just had the second photo below, I probably would say the Striated. But the top picture clearly shows the spots on the top of the head, something that differs to the Striated which has the streaks but not spots. They do look very similar in lots of ways. The other slight distinguishing feature is the olive colour above the white streak on the flank. These are two features that suggest the red-browed.
On the flip side, the eye is dark, Striated not Red-Browed feature, and the wide white wing stripe isn't mentioned as a Red-browed feature, whereas it is prominent on the Striated. I'm wondering whether this may be a hybrid? I've listened to the calls of both birds and it sounded more like the Red-browed, but not exactly the same. Ahhhh.... identifying birds, why can't they just carry around little signs that clearly state what they are! :-) 

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