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Thursday, 18 August 2016

A week at Papunya

This week has been a bit of a change from the normal settings on the camera to try to use the "M" mode. I have heard a lot of people say if you can master that your photos will become a lot higher quality and finish. Certainly haven't mastered it, but have managed to fluke a few unusual shots, and see some stunning birds.

The last is not a huge list, probably only about 25 birds for the week. A few pleasant surprises - Painted Finches coming to drink, and Common Bronzewings during the day. Interestingly, hardly a bird of prey. I think I have only seen one Whistling Kite for the whole week atPapunya, very different to seeing all 6 falco varieties in one hour last year at the same spot.

Below are a few selected photos. You can probably notice the difference best with the "M" mode in the second Common Bronzewing, and the second Crested Pigeon. I hope you enjoy the photos:

Painted Finches

Zebra Finch

Common Bronzewing

Crested Pigeon

Horsefield's Bronze-cuckoo

Little Crow

White-winged Fairy-wrens

Maybe my favourite shot, the Willie Wagtail on an old cattle bone, I've titled this "Art Appreciation"


  1. Richard, your M photos certainly look superior. Have you tried shooting a photo of a static subject in M mode and then your regular setting. Then comparing the two photos to see the difference>

    1. Thanks John. I'll give your suggestion a try.