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Friday, 15 April 2016

Spinifex Pigeons

During my travels this week, I stopped off at a small creek crossing just north of Renner Springs. I had just passed a bloke riding his bike southwards on the Stuart Highway, have to be keen to do something like that. Just before the creek, a small flock of reddy-brown pigeon like birds flew from the creek side across to the rather dry looking other side. "Probably Spinnies" I thought to myself. As I passed the creek, I noticed a pair of Brolgas standing on the waters edge. I could also hear a Painted Finch or two nearby, so I decided to stop. I was fairly sure my chances for good photos of the Brolgas were slim. In the spot they were standing I would have to go across the "bridge", and with the cyclist approaching ... well, one crappy shot through trees was all I managed. To his credit, the cyclist apologised as he rode past. "No worries mate" I said, as I knew there would be other opportunities at some stage.

I was wondering whether or not to get back in the car when I heard the Painted Finch again. There it was, just sitting on top of a rock not far from me. I tried to bring the camera up slowly, but it flew off, in under cover. Oh well. I figured it would probably come back soon for another drink, hopefully with some mates, and decided to sit in the shade for a little while, watching the waters edge.

After 10 minutes of watching a Willie Wagtail dance above the small creek pool of water, I had pretty much decided to return to the car. Then some movement caught my eye. The Spinifex Pigeons had returned, probably 15 or so in total. They waddled across the sand, rocks and then finally down to the water for a drink. They really are a very colourful but unusual looking bird.

Spinifex Pigeon


  1. What an odd, beautiful and marvelous pigeon, I don't know it existence before I see your blog

    1. Thanks Hernan, I agree, odd, beautiful sums it up. You should google the sound it makes, very unusual. Cheers, Richard