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Monday, 11 April 2016

Black Bittern, a nice surprise in the floodway

Driving between Victoria River roadhouse and Timber Creek, I had read it was worth checking the roadside creeks and flood plains for finches, waterbirds etc. What wonderful advice.

I had pulled up at a non-descript bit of water, noticing a White-faced Heron as I had driven past. Turning around I pulled up on the north western edge. I watched the heron fly off as is normal when I stop by the side of the road. I then started to take notice of all the other birds around, Rainbow Lorikeets the most obvious because of their noise, honeyeaters and friarbirds, finches and then something caught my eye.

A large stalker in the shade. A very long fine beak. Very dark and then.... it flew off. I watched, horrified, I wasn't sure I had seen what I thought it was, a Bittern of some sort. Maybe it was only a Striated Heron, although it looked different to my memory of these birds, much darker, the body shape was different. I continued watching as it flew up into a nearby tree. I had to move slowly around the roadside, watching the tree the whole time, hoping it would stay there. Finally I located it, in the shadows again, but perched nicely out on a branch. I moved further to try to get more of a silhouette photo, and there it was. It looked brown, maybe not a Black Bittern. It turned to look at me and the neck feathers were definitely not those of a Striated Heron. After a little while it moved from the "cowering" stance to one much more upright. Time to head to the car and look through the books/iPad app. And there it was, a female Black Bittern, looking straight back at me from both the camera and the book.

I'll put up more posts on this location as it was buzzing with birds, but for now I hope you enjoy the photos of the Female, Black Bittern.

Black Bittern

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