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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Get on the Budgie Train to Alice Springs and see a world of beautifully coloured Parrots

The Budgerigars are flocking in Central Australia!
Larger and larger groups are being spotted in the areas surrounding Alice Springs. But the budgies are not the only parrots that are full of colour against the red of the outback.
Cockatiels, Mulga Parrots, Red-tailed Black Cockatoos and Australian Ringnecks like the one in the photo below are also taking advantage of the disappearing puddles while they last.

Australian Ringneck

The puddle I was sitting at was being visited by small flocks of Budgerigars. There were quite a few young ones, being policed and shepherded by the adults. Lots of squawking, chatting, and nervous scouting flights around the puddle before settling in the dead tree. If they had their back to me, sometimes I could hear them clearly but really had to scan to find them on the branch. This camouflage obviously assists them from being spotted by birds above.


And a puddle wouldn't be the same without the presence of a lot of Zebra Finches. After sitting quietly for about ten minutes I had some very close encounters with a number of finches, normally the females, coming to check me out and then land only a few metres from me. Eventually I spotted a few juveniles in the small flock which explained a bit more about this rather aggressive behaviour by the adults.

Zebra Finch

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