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Monday, 7 March 2016

Australian Hobby and Budgerigars near Alice Springs

Went to a place I have seen large flocks of Budgerigars previously to see if the current conditions were the same. We had rain in Alice Springs yesterday, so the chance of standing water was high. I wasn't disappointed. With rain consistently falling, the flocks are bunching then dispersing, but at least they should be hanging around here for a while yet.

There is something both spooky and exciting being close to a Raptor. Although I have never been attacked, the threat always seems to be there. The eyes seem to look straight through you, and the talons are awesome when seeing them up close. The Australian Hobby had just been kicked off its perch by its mate, and flew to the tree nearest the road, about 12 feet off the ground. Unfortunately there were a few branches in the way, but I managed to eventually move to a clear view without it flying off. I was hoping it was doing the same thing I was, waiting for the large flocks of Budgerigars to come and feed on the other side of the road. They stayed further down the road while I was there. I started where the Budgerigars had congregated for the night, just after sun-up, and the noise was deafening between them and the Masked Woodswallows, with the occasional small flock of Cockatiels. There were also Southern Whiteface, Hooded Robins, Rufous Songlarks, Zebra Finches, Singing, Spiny-cheeked and White-plumed Honeyeaters, a lone Nankeen Kastrel and Crimson Chats, all bottled up in this one small area, enjoying the cover of the tress in the creek and the surrounding scrub. The chatter from the Budgerigars grew louder and louder until they took off in 5 separate large groups, with a few slow-coaches in threes and fours heading off after the flock. The Woodswallows were a little less grouped, by still an impressive cacophony as they took off and soared through the morning sky. A lovely start to the week.

Australian Hobby

Budgerigar Flock of about 100 birds

Through the trees

Feeding on the ground

A lovely scene from lest night looking towards the Eastern Macdonnell Ranges

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