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Saturday, 9 January 2016

It has been a big birding start to the year

After a slow first couple of days, 2016 has started extremely well. 150 birds already and I haven't really left Melbourne and surrounds. Some huge highlights already include the Powerful Owl in the previous post, a day at Werribee with Pete Shanley, a night looking for Sooty Owls with Chris Watson, Sam and Lauren (alas we dipped on the Sooty but saw and heard some amazing wildlife), and today I headed to Serendip and the You Yangs followed by a quick return trip to Werribee. The life list has grown more in the past week than I think the whole of last year. Lewin's Honeyeater, Powerful Owl, Satin Flycatcher, and today was Purple-crowned Honeyeater. And of course, the photos just keep coming.

My bogey bird is the Swamp Harrier. I have yet to get any really decent shots, and today I fluffed another opportunity as one was sitting on a bank just beyond some barbed wire and just off the road. Even though I have seen more of the Swampies this trip than possibly for the rest of my life, getting one of the lovely close shots I've seen by others still eludes me.

I've had some great discussions about what continues to drive people to bird and/or photograph birds. I am finding more and more even though the photography is still the main focus for me, learning about bird behaviour is becoming increasingly more important. Maybe it is because if I learn more about behaviour I will take better photos. Not sure yet.

Usually I bird-watchby myself, so it has been an interesting time birding with others during these holidays. There are advantages and disadvantages of both birding alone, and birding with others. I do get a kick out of other people getting excited about seeing a bird or birds, but I also like to control where I go and when I stop to take photos/bird watch.

The following is a selection of 10 birds I have seen recently. I hope you enjoy.

Black-shouldered Kite at Werribee

Emu at Serendip

Lewin's Honeyeater at Bunyip State Park

Purple-crowned Lorikeet at Serendip

Red Wattlebird at Parkville

Superb Fairy-wrens at Serendip

Swamp Harrier at Werribee

Tawny Frogmouth at Serendip

White-winged Chough at Serendip

Yellow-faced Honeyeater at You Yangs


  1. Hi Richard, I've only just stumbled across your blog. What a fantastic catalogue of Oz birds! What is the story behind the Red Wattlebird photo in this post? Is it a juvenile that has fallen in water?

    1. Hi Craig, have seen other honeyeaters do this but not the Red Wattlebird previously. It was warm that day, but I wouldn't say hot. There were lots of them doing this, didn't notice young ones but it could be. Although originally a Melburnian, and visit each year, I'm normally looking at Central Australian birds. Cheers, Richard