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Friday, 20 November 2015

Birds of Papunya

This week I have been at Papunya. It is about 250 kms west north west of Alice Springs. I can take two routes to get there, out via the Tanami, or my preferred route out through the West MacDonnell Ranges.

It was pretty hot this week so I was expecting birds to be hanging around water whenever possible. There were a lot more sprinklers going in the Community, which meant the Zebra Finches were spread out a lot more than I had seen before. But there was still some great Birds of Prey action at the local Ponds. Here are a few from this week:

Red-capped Robin
This young male popped onto a branch right in front of me during a break in the drive out to Papunya

Brown Goshawk
an early viewing on my first of a few trips to the Papunya Poo Ponds

Spotted Harrier
had come down for a drink, then lazily flapped off in the heat

Yellow-rumped Thornbill
found a small group of these at the Papunya airstrip

Whistling Kite
at the Papunya ponds, it was hot

White-faced Heron
one of a pair that seemed to prefer the bare branches to the water's edge

Glossy Ibis
one of a pair constantly moving around the ponds

Australian Hobby
this one moves between the communications tower in the Community and the ponds

Brown Falcon
spent a lot of time gliding around the ponds, didn't seem to be hunting, just enjoying the hot breeze

part of a flock of about 100 in the morning at the ponds

Willie Wagtail and Peregrine Falcon
The Willie Wagtail decided the Peregrine Falcon was on its perch so it chased it away and then sat proudly on the perch

Rainbow Bee-eater
While I was watching the Willie Wagtail and Peregrine Falcon action, this beautiful Rainbow Bee-eater sat on the ponds fence right in front of me

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  1. I just spent most of my morning here at work reading about a photographic tour of Australian birds put on by Tropical Birding. It was a wonderful escape from the snow and sub-zerp temperatures here at home. If only I had an extra 10,000 dollars I would be there.
    I love your photos of the budgies and the bee-eaters. I'm glad that my boss is not paying attention to what I'm doing with my time today.