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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Wedgie on the stare, Chats, Brown Falcon and a gorgeous Central-netted Dragon

There is a young Wedge-tailed Eagle hanging around Papunya at the moment. It gave me a couple of parallel flybys then swung out and headed straight for me. With the reduction of distance due to the camera lens, even though it was still a fair distance away, I did find myself moving backwards. This was one of a few birds around today, but tomorrow may be quieter as a large dust and wind storm has blown through late today. Hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler as the temperature gauge in the car for outside read 50 degrees Celsius before the storm hit. The car was in the sun and out of the wind, but that is still just a bit warmer than I would prefer, and I'm sure the wildlife would agree.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Brown Falcon

Crimson Chat

Orange Chat

Rufous Whistler

Central-netted Dragon

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