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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Whistling Kite, water birds and a beautiful sunset

A quick trip to the Poo Ponds after work. The air was warm, still, and on the nose. The insects were very friendly, and the main target bird nowhere to be found. Having said all of that, an enjoyable experience, especially the sunset

There were lots of Australian Pratincoles, and all the usual ducks, Avocets and Stilts. Sandpipers seemed to be staying away from where I was. A Whistling Kite seemed to be struggling a bit with the heat, either perched or flying, tongue hanging out

There were a couple of Yellow-billed Spoonbills, swishing side to side, and this Glossy Ibis was nearby

There are a large number of Whiskered Terns constantly swooping the top of the ponds for insects

One of the few sandpipers that caught my eye was this Wood Sandpiper, nicely perched on a rock

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