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Monday, 21 September 2015

The birds and the bees - photos from Alice Springs

Recently I've been restricted to local birding, but still managed a few nice shots. Some excitement around the house was a bee swarm, not a hive, just a huge group of bees all clumped together in the lemon tree. They stayed for a couple of days then flew off. The internet was very useful to work out what was likely to happen.

The local sewage ponds in Alice Springs are being visited by the returning long-range migrants/waders, and ID can be a bit tricky as most of the time they don't stand next to each other, but there are a few I have managed to work out after seeing them in flight and hearing them as they fly off.

The Bee Swarm

Grey-crowned Babblers in the backyard

Black-winged Stilt 

Common Greenshank

Common Sandpiper

Grey Teals

Pacific Black Duck 

Red-necked Avocets

Variegated Fairy-wrens

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