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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Barn Owl in the backyard during the day - video and photos

Sometimes it is not hard to realise there is a new bird around place. The miners, honeyeaters, magpie-larks and bower birds were being very noisy, noticeably around the same tree. Eventually I spotted the visitor, although it wasn't in a great viewing spot to start with. At first I was sure it would fly away quickly, so I just watched it for a little while. It was a Pacific or Eastern Barn Owl.

As I watched I noticed it was doing this strange male 80s dance moves I remember from a long time ago. Not much feet or shoulder movement, just a bit of a wobble in the torso. Here is a YouTube clip demonstrating these dance moves, with a Bowerbird playing second fiddle for once.

I managed to get a few photos as well:

Pacific Barn Owl