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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bourke's Parrot, Cockatiel, Budgerigar and Scenery photos Alice Springs to Haasts Bluff

Back on the road again for work, and although the camera gear is not my usual kit, still manage to get some half decent photos. Really hanging out for the new gear though.

Driving to Haasts Bluff (which is about 240 kms west of Alice Springs past Glen Helen) early morning, I was very happy to see about 6 Bourke's Parrots. Having only seen these near dusk at a dam to the north of town, I wasn't expecting them in the morning, although when I looked at the map it probably isn't too far for them to fly to and from the dam to where I was. Would have loved to have had a decent camera, but you use what you've got.

Bourke's Parrot

Further along the road towards Haasts Bluff, there is a claypan that still has water from the January rains. I parked myself at the edge of the claypan one evening and delighted in a wide variety of birds coming in for a drink. Budgies and Cockatiels were competing with the Magpie-larks and Butcherbirds for the noisiest. Not far from where I was sitting was a small dead tree, providing a nice perch for some of the birds.



The drive itself from Glen Helen to Haasts Bluff is about 40 kms of bitumen followed by 58 kms of dirt. Some of the scenery is stunning. Here are a few shots over the past week or so.

Mt Sonder, just north west of Glen Helen in the early morning

Mt Sonder during the day

same spot as photo above but looking toward Ormiston Gorge

hills near Haasts Bluff

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