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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Square-tailed Kite photos from Nyirripi, Northern Territory

Late yesterday afternoon and again mid-morning today, I saw a bird of prey sweeping across the scrub at Nyirripi. Initially it was behaving like a Spotted Harrier, so I thought that was probably what it was. Then, after taking some photos, its markings were more like a Little Eagle, so I decided that was what it was. After looking harder at the photos late yesterday, I was then wondering if it wasn't a Square-tailed Kite as the tail seemed too long for a Little Eagle. After checking with some others who would probably know better, the Square-tailed Kite was confirmed as to its I.D. There was a lot happening where I was yesterday afternoon and I had decided not to jump in the car and get closer to it. I felt disappointed last night that I didn't. Then this morning I was returning to my accommodation just quickly and spotted the same bird just ahead. I chased it this time in the car, and managed a few better shots.

We don't get many Square-tailed Kites in the Centre so this was a very exciting find. As you will see, the light was much better yesterday afternoon (the last 4 photos) but the bird was a lot closer this morning.

Square-tailed Kite

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