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Monday, 1 September 2014

Spinifexbird photos and sound recording of calls

The Spinifexbird is one of those birds I don't see very often, but do hear quite a lot. In some of the bird books it states that the birds like to sit on top of grasses and trees and drop down to the undergrowth when they sense danger (in my case, me). On a recent occasion, I could hear two birds, but couldn't work out where each one was other than a general direction which were quite a distance from one another. I walked slowly along a track, trying to get a better fix on the nearest one. Eventually I spotted it, only because it fluttered out from a branch and then back to the same branch, sitting low on the tree just above the ground cover. So much for sitting on the top of the tree! It was still a fair distance away, so I crept forward again, trying not to spook the bird. Luckily for me it came closer and sat on top of some spinifex grass. It then flew very close but settled on the ground beneath another tree in among more spinifex. By now I was hearing the calls clearly and could almost tell where the second bird was. Still no photos though. Finally I gave up on the first one as it stayed hidden under the grasses and was moving around judging by the calls. It then flew up to my right and I eventually managed a few photos. Although they aren't the best photos due to the distance from me, they are still better than ones I had previously taken, and it was lovely to hear the calls so close, despite the prickly indentations on my leg from the spinifex.


Here is the sound file

or here


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  2. Great shots of a notorious skulker. Good on you for your persistence!