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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Blood Moon (Lunar Eclipse) and the Australian Bustard near Nyirripi, NT

An article caught my eye while scrolling through the news on-line. There was to be a Lunar Eclipse this evening, just on Moon Rise! I thought I would head out into the scrub and find a pool of water to try to get not only the eclipse, but some reflections as well. Alas, the moon had lost most of its lustre by the time it was high enough to reflect in the water. Never mind. The sight was pretty amazing as it "grew" out of a bush on the horizon.

So, there I was snapping away at the moon, concentrating steadily on where it was going, how it was changing, when something caught my eye at the bottom left of the view-finder of the camera. I took one more shot then checked the playback. Yep, it was there alright, an Australian Bustard or Bush Turkey. It hung around for a good 20 minutes in total, and I kept thinking to myself, "you are so lucky I am only shooting with a camera mate, cause there are lots that live around here that shoot with something different".

Then, as a bird-watcher, I was in a bit of a dilemma - take shots of the moon or the bustard? In the end I settled for quick bursts of both, the moon started to change and the highlights blew out, and the exact opposite with the bustard as the light faded it was harder and harder for the camera to focus.

Anyway, a lovely visitor to share the lunar eclipse with. I was hoping it would fly across the moon so I could get a silhouette but it stayed too low and the shots are barely discernable. Some other time.

See if you can spot the Bustard in the first photo:

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