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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Come visit Alice Springs - Thousands of Budgerigars this morning near Alice Springs Airport

If you love nature or more specifically bird-watching, now would be a great time to visit Alice Springs, great weather and friendly people with lots happening around town in the next few months.

I returned to the Old South Road near the Alice Springs airport this morning to see if the Budgerigars would still be there. They were, being harried again by the Black Falcons. Red-tailed Black cockatoos, Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Zebra Finches were among the other birds around, but the flocks of Budgerigars were again the standout.

The first lot I saw were in a roadside tree:

they started to flock together to feed. There were three groups about this size

The Black Falcons had 3 or 4 attempts during the hour I was watching, with 2 successes

and a few Cockatiel shots


  1. Richard, I'm hoping they'll be about when I finally get to visit early June; fabulous photos you always share here. I'd love to see the wild budgerigars - I'd love to see any birds...

  2. Fantastic group of images Richard! I would love to see this! Especially the hunting Falcons!