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Friday, 28 February 2014

updated - possible Red Goshawk photos from between the Charles Todd Memorial Rest Stop and Dunmurra

I have updated this to possible as there are some opinions that suggest this is a Brown Goshawk juvenile. apologies for not checking thoroughly before this post was submitted. I await further moderation on the identity of this bird.


I had just left the Charles Todd Memorial on the Stuart Highway and travelled about 500 metres when I noticed three birds of prey sitting on the road. They were near some water running across the road so I was still gpoing quite slow. As I neared, predictably, all 3 birds flew off into some nearby trees. I decided to take some photos anyway and parked about where they had been but off the highway. Two I had picked as a Black Kite and a Whistling Kite.They had been constant roadside companions since I had left Alice Springs. The third though was much smaller, and a bit reddish so I assumed a Nankeen Kestrel, which in itself would have been unusual as I had only seen one for the whole day and that had been 500 + kms south.

As I clicked away, still sitting in the car, I could hear a large truck coming from the south. Not really concentrating on the bird anymore, I started the car to wind up the window. As I was doing that I realised it wasn't a Kestrel at all, and swung my head back around to look at the bird as the window went up and the truck zoomed past. My last vision was one of dismay as the bird took off just as the truck roared past, covering me and the car with spray but also obscuring where the bird (by now I suspected a Red Goshawk but wasn't sure) had flown. I searched the trees, skies, ground cover all to no avail for about 5 minutes until I gave up the hope of it returning. A very exciting, if brief encounter.

Red Goshawk

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  1. Richard- Concerning the "RED" Northern goshawks of the United States. and which i have observed in the state of Washington and Arizona: Please heed - THE MAN WHO SAW TOO MANY GOSHAWKS- available from as an ebook. The best- Nelson Briefer- Anacortes, WA.