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Monday, 20 January 2014

Yambuk and Port Fairy birding

On our return trip from Melbourne to Alice Springs last week, we decided to keep to the coast and stay away from the heat and possible fires, and head to a part of the world neither of the adults had been to since we were kids - Port Fairy. It is nice to see another part of the world and others in the family head there each year for the Port Fairy folk Festival, so it is nice to be able to picture the area when we talk to them after the Festival.

Pete suggested we stay at Yambuk, possibly for the birding, but it suited us more as it was out of town and away from the madding crowds. After we had stayed there and driven out, we asked each member of the family to come up with three things they thought about the Yambuk/Port Fairy area. My three were the three Bs - Beach, Bluestone and Birds. we could have had another B for Bogans in the caravan park

The "caravan park" is a beautiful spot, on an estuary where the outlet is sometimes closed so they call it Yambuk Lake. There are a lot of different waterbirds on the estuary and waders on the beach where the estuary enters the sea. A few storms were coming through when we were there so we had some birds that were unusual to me, namely Fork-tailed or Pacific Swifts. These are very aptly named, they are very quick when they want to be, and as far as I could tell didn't land or sit still. I did manage some photos though, thank goodness for fast shutter speeds and focussing cameras.

Fork-tailed Swift

Pacific Golden Plover

Australasian Gannet

Australian Shelduck

Black-shouldered Kite

Caspian Tern

European Goldfinch

Golden-headed Cisticola

Hooded Plover

Pied Oystercatcher


Superb Fairy-wren

White-fronted Chat

Yambuk Scenery and sunsets


  1. so many great images; you did well to catch the Swift in flight and I love the white-fronted chat

  2. I'm glad (relieved) you enjoyed Yambuk Richard. Great shots as always. Amazing colours and amazing captures of the swifts. Looks like you enjoyed some golden hour bird photography….. Woah ….
    Speaking of "golden"…. I must have misread because I thought for a minute there you're claiming to have seen an American golden-plover!!! ;) Of which my 8th edition 2007 Pizzey says of Australian sightings - "one accepted record".
    I await the debate among the experts! You are aware of my lack of wader experience!

  3. Well spotted Pete, it is of course the Pacific. Should learn to be more diligent and not trust the locals without checking before posting. Shall edit when possible.

  4. Nawwww!! Now that's not exciting anymore!
    Love the new Mulga parrot banner by the way!