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Monday, 27 January 2014

Alice Springs Water Treatment Plant bird watching at the start of 2014

After the travels south to Vic, NSW and SA, it was time to get back to the local bird-watching sights. The Water Treatment Plant at Alice Springs is one of the premier bird-watching spots in Central Australia. It seems to be a stop-over for migratory birds as well as home to a number of wading/water birds for the majority of the year, add to that a large variety of bush birds and birds of prey. We get the occasional rarity like a Grey Wagtail towards the end of 2013.

The start of the year has seen both varieties of Spoonbill we see in Australia, the three varieties of Ibis, and today there was a Silver Gull, not an unusual bird in Australia, but certainly unusual in the middle of the desert at Alice Springs!

One of the Migratory birds who drop in to Alice Springs 
Black-tailed Godwit

One of the resident water birds
Pied Stilt, or Black-winged Stilt
 One of the bush birds
Crimson Char

Another pair of visitors
Glossy Ibis and Common Greenshank

 A common visitor during the warmer months
Rainbow Bee-eater

One of the nearly year-round residents
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Whiskered Tern

 Zebra Finch

One of the resident Birds of Prey
Black Kite

One of the resident water birds
Black-tailed Native-hen

A mainly summer visitor
Common Greenshank with Masked Lapwings and Pied Stilt

 Little Corellas

Magpie Lark 

Silver Gull

Straw-necked Ibis

White-winged Fairy-wren

Yellow-billed Spoonbill


  1. Exceptional photos. I really wish I was there. I'm guessing you meant to write, Whiskered Tern, rather than Whiskered Gull. I have seen them in Cambodia, South Africa, and Uganda. I would also love to see them in Australia.

    1. Thanks John, correct, and correction has been made. There must have been close to 100 Whiskered Terns on this day, the most I've ever seen. Appreciate the comments. Regards, Richard

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