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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wedgies, Waders and a few others

It has been a bit quiet bird-wise recently, but today was back to some old favourites.

I came across a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles feeding on road kill and managed to stop the car early enough for them not to fly off immediately. One of the photos I took reminded me of a similar photo of a Little Eagle I took back in May this year. Similar flight positions:

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Little Eagle (from May 2013)

Next I had some fun with the waders at the Alice Springs Water Treatment Plant. There were a few that had me stumped, and the first one in the photos is one of them. I think this is a Ruff, but if anyone can confirm or advise what it is if I am wrong I would really appreciate the assistance.

Ruff (possibly)

Another I'm not 100% convinced but best guess - Sanderling

Common Greenshank

Red-capped Plover

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Wood Sandpiper

Red-necked Avocet "Salute!"

Red-necked Avocet in flight

Australasian Pipit

Australian Pratincole

Black-fronted Dotterel

Black-tailed Native Hen

Masked Lapwing

And finally, I have put the photos in reverse order to show how easy it is to miss things. What can you see in the first photo?

If you saw this Bearded Dragon, well done, go to the top of the class! I cheated a bit because it was sitting along the right hand side and up to the top of the bush above when I drove past, so when I reversed, I knew where to look, otherwise, as is probably often the case, I would have driven right past without knowing it was there. Great camouflage! 

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  1. Hi Richard. I haven't see Ruffs before,but after perusing my field guides would have to concur. Sanderling
    looks right.