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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Photos of a baby Masked Lapwing chick, Bearded Dragon, Yellow-rumped Thornbill and sunset at Atitjere

The bird-watching has been pretty quiet of late as my travels have taken me to a hot and windy location recently and the birds seem to be sheltering as I am driving past. I actually drove 137 kms one day and saw ... 1 lone Willie Wagtail, a new record for me for lack of birds. However, there have been a few notable photo opportunities.

I was driving through Alice Springs on one of the main roads around town and spotted a Masked Lapwing going nuts, then noticed something much smaller in the grasses on the roadside. I slowed and then reversed, having to wait for someone who was pulling into the driveway right next to the Lapwings. I wasn't really concentrating too much on where I was in relation to the kerb, but thought I was pretty close. I had taken probably ten photos when I became aware of another car that had pulled up beside me. I looked across and the bloke driving started talking so I wound the window down and he asked if I was OK and if I was maybe I could pull a bit further to the side of the road. Upon checking my position, I realised I was about half a car width from the kerb and on an angle. Birding in built up areas - hmmmph! Not like the bush roads where you can pretty much pull up in the middle of the road and not bother anyone! Anyway, I managed to get these shots of the chick:

Masked Lapwing Chick

As I said above, the birding hasn't been too much to get excited about, but I also keep my eye out for reptiles on the roadside, to both photograph and make sure I don't run them over. This Bearded Dragon managed to catch my eye as I drove past, but as I turned around to have a second look and photo, I did wonder whether it wasn't just another branch or clump of grass as had been the case a few times. This time however, it was a real reptile and it posed for me on a beautiful mound of red earth.

Bearded Dragon

The drive from Alice Springs to Atitjere/Harts Range is approximately 210 kms, 70 kms on the Stuart Highway and then 90 kms of bitumen along the Plenty Highway until the final 50 kms of dirt. Just before the start of the dirt I stopped the car for a quick comfort break, and could hear lots of chirping on the other side of the road. I grabbed my camera and walked across and found around 10 Yellow-rumped Thornbills hopping and fluttering and flying from the ground to the lower branches and all the way to the top of some taller trees. Eventually they came close enough for a few happy snaps.

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

What is really need around these parts is rain, the land is dry and the cattle have grazed the ground cover to nothing. Last week I was hopeful of some overnight rain because of the clouds around sunset. Alas, no rain eventuated, but the sunset was pretty spectacular.

Atitjere Sunset


  1. Great that you could still see some wildlife in the dry there Richard. Great pics and post.

  2. Super pictures, Richard. No doubt one would always get their ears boxed when trying to photograph a Masked Lapwing chick; usually not another driver but the parents. Love the dragon. Very different to the wet autumn here in Japan. Hope it rains soon.