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Monday, 19 August 2013

Having fun with camera settings and birds in flight

I decided to try and test a few features of the camera recently and I'll probably look back and think "what was I thinking?" But, we have to start somewhere.

I was playing around with the shutter speed, attempting to get some of the birds in focus and other parts a bit blurred. Using the TV setting, I eventually settled on and 80 or a 100 speed, at least I think that's what I was doing. Enjoyed having a test anyway. Here are some of the shots:

Black Swan coming in to land
Shutter speed 1/40
F 32

I have taken quite a few photos of Red-necked Avocets in flight, mainly because they tend to stay about the same distance away from you and do at least a semi-circle around and then fly off. These photos were no exception. Check out the shadow in the last one.

Red-necked Avocets


  1. Hi!!!.. great pictures. So original.. Cheers..

  2. good to take time to experiment Richard; you got to photograph a variety here

  3. Unfortunately for me, most of my flight photos come out blurred when I'm trying to keep them in focus. You did get some interesting effects. It is worth exploring the technique further.