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Friday, 17 May 2013

Little Grassbird, Major Mitchell Cockatoos and Whistling Kites

I find the Little Grassbird one of the more challenging birds to photograph. I often hear them peeping away in the bushes by the water's edge, and see them flying from one bush to another, but rarely get a chance to see them on top of the bush. On this occasion, one decided to sit up high enough to get a few decent shots:

Little Grassbird

There were also a number of Major Mitchell Cockatoos in trees I normally associate with a Peregrine Falcon so I was hoping to see some action when I could hear these guys, lucky for them the falcon was no where to be seen:

Major Mitchell Cockatoos

Whistling Kites


  1. Hi Richard. I'm new to your blog. I discovered it last night, while trying to ID a bird I photographed a while back and came across an image on one of your posts. I'm so glad I discovered it as you have a wonderful blog which I shall enjoy going through.
    Your Whistling Kite images above are wonderful. I'd love to have the gear to capture images like this!!
    Those Major Mitchell's are gorgeous!! I haven't managed to capture any in the wild... yet! I've only been bird watching for about 18 months and have managed to photograph over 100 birds to date.

    1. Thanks Liz. Glad you found some help with bird ID on the blog. What species was it? Re gear, strongly recommend a good lens over a good camera. Mine is a Canon 100-400 IS L lens and although around $2000 was worth every cent. I only have an entry level DSLR base. Thanks again for looking. Enjoy.