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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wee Jasper NSW Birds Part 1 - photos of Satin Bowerbird and Australian King Parrot

Well the sojourn interstate has finished and the longest stay was at Wee Jasper, one of our family's favourite parts of the world. About 90 kms south west of Canberra, we are lucky enough to be able to stay at a family cabin on the banks of the Goodradigbee River, and enjoy walking up to Micalong Creek, up into the forest/woodland around the cabin and Limestone Creek, a drive of about 20 kms that is slow going from the main road and into a beautiful property owned by a friend of the family.

We enjoy fishing and swimming in the river, as well as experiencing all the wildlife around including wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, snakes and water dragons, and of course the birds.

There are two rather noisy birds around the cabin, the first is the Satin Bowerbird which has a bower which is quite visible. The black-blue sheeny male was hard to catch, but the female and immature birds were constantly hanging around the bower:

Satin Bowerbird

you can just see the bower on the left hand side of the photo above, here are a couple with the Satin Bowerbird working on the bower itself:

As I mentioned the male was less forthcoming but here is a shot on a distant branch:

The other species who was a constant noise maker was the Australian King Parrot. There were lots of small groups with very incessant immature birds requesting food, seemingly all day, a fact we were reminded of when we were driving home with three children who seemed to have an unquenchable hunger! 

Australian King parrot:

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  1. Magnificent pictures here too!
    The mrs is as pretty as the mister!
    How did you manage such fantastic shots of the Satin bowerbird! Amazing! His eye is extraordinary!
    Great post here too!