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Friday, 16 November 2012

Nyirripi and back trip 2

I returned this week to Nyirripi. It was hot. And the birds were feeling the heat, being very quiet throughout the days but active in the mornings. No storms this week, but I did see a few interesting sights on the way back to Alice Springs.

The Zebra Finches are out and about as usual and hang around any sort of permanent water source. There was a leaking water pipe outside my accommodation and hundreds would use the pool below the pipe as a drinking trough. They were joined by honeyeaters and a shrike-thrush. Another place the Zebra Finches congregated is at a roadside stop about 125 kms from Alice Springs up the Tanami Road. The photos below are from here:

Zebra Finches
"What, what's happening, am I missing out?"

"Outta here!"


"Jo's got chocolate - let's get it!"

(this camel was lazing under a tree by the side of the road and got up as I approached, think it thought I was a dentist!)

Diamond Doves

Collared Sparrowhawks on and near their nest


Sacred Kingfisher


and a small group of Budgerigars

Enjoy your Bird-watching!

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