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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Black Falcon near Lajamanu

After work I drove a little way up the Tanami Road to soak up the late afternoon sun. Also happened to have the camera with me, which was lucky as first I saw a Spotted Harrier swooping low over the tops of the small shrubs, and then something else caught my eye in the distance beyond the harrier - a bird of prey that looked different to the ones I mainly see.

As it got closer, I could tell that its "air shape" was not one I see often, but had seen a few times before - a Black Falcon was coming and straight towards me. Alas it didn't do circles or anything near me, pretty much flew straight and straight past, but I managed a few photos - I did recall how fast they flew seemingly effortlessly previously and today was no different. The photos aren't fantastic but they are the best I've managed thus far:

Happy Birding!


  1. Yep!
    I know the feeling of being in a position of taking pics of a "first" and not do as well as we wish!
    That's part of the game, photography can bring good surprises or frustrations! LOL!
    But nevertheless, one can seen the bird pretty well and the quality is OK for ID!
    Next time round, you'll be happier!!

    Well, about our coming to Aussie country, unfortunately we can't manage to sell our property, especially since the new government is socialist...
    About the hide, I have several solutions at hand:
    My car!
    A foldable tent,
    Several hides....
    But I am sure you've got an array of choices in Australia, including... well the old Internet!!
    Thanks for posting such a nice comment on my blog!
    All the best and good luck for more photo-adventures!

  2. Otra vez sera,aun asi se le distinge bien.Saludos

  3. Super bird to find, Richard. Way up in my favs along with Steller's Sea-eagles as far as I'm concerned. I've had such fleeting encounters with them just like this and I'm always left with a buzz! Great photos, well done!

  4. Nice bird to see Richard you did well to capture, it was one I hoped for when I came to Aus but didn't hold out much hope of!

  5. Hi!
    stunning photos of this rare bird in flight
    Greetings from Sweden