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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pallid Cuckoo and Western Bowerbird

These two birds are what I would call mid-sized. For the most part, one is fairly quiet, whereas the other can be quite noisy.

The Pallid Cuckoo is a bird I have seen in a few locations. This one was sitting in a tree beside the road on the Plenty Highway last week. It was one of a pair who seemed to enjoy confusing me by swapping sides of the road and mixing then flying into different trees:

The Western Bowerbird is one from the front yard from last weekend. I have thought we had a Whistling Kite in the front yard a few times, only to realise the Western Bowerbird was doing a pretty good impersonation. Not sure why. They also have some other fantastic calls, one of which sounds a bit like a cat which is also interesting.

the distinctive magenta splash on the back of the head

Happy Birding!

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