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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Delightfully colourful Budgerigars - photos

I often wonder how it is that Budgerigars are not being constantly taken by Birds of Prey. They are noisy, often travel in large groups, and surely colourful enough to be spotted from high above. I have observed two possible reasons why they aren't taken more often (as I know they are taken at times). The first is the "lookout" bird. This isn't necessarily a Budgerigar, but I have seen at least one "lookout Budgie sentry" sitting propped on a nearby tree if others are drinking from a puddle. The second observation is that even though they appear very colourful, they have quite dull wings on the skyward side, and they must be well camouflaged in the trees when they are on the outside of the tree (have heard a lot of budgies inside trees lately).

The sentry in a nearby tree

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  1. Wonderful photographs, Richard. They look great with the aussie dirt. I remember seeing a doco years ago with footage by Lindsey Cupper of Australian Hobbies picking them off at the edge of a flock whilst Back Falcons just plunged in the middl. Wish I could remember the name of the doco. Anyway, you are in the best place to see such spectacular sights.

    1. Hi Russell (and Chris below) not sure if this is the same one but still an awesome watch:
      from the Earthflight series on youtube

  2. Great stuff Richard! never get sick of watching wild budgies.... and Russell I wish you could remember the name of that doco as well! would love to see it!

  3. Wow, so lovely birds, great capture.
    Greetings from sweden