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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brown Falcon - I am not your Prey!

The birds of prey action has been awesome the last few days. I'll post others later, but this immature Brown Falcon soared around and came in to check me out, watching me all the way in. I probably managed 2/3rds of the shots in focus, but I think I was getting a bit nervous at first, and then excited as I realised it was going to land on a tree right next to the road and see what I was up to. The location was just north of the junction between the Plenty Highway and the Sandover Highway on the Sandover Highway section in the NT.

When you are lucky enough to see one of these immature birds up close, it is easy to tell it is a Brown Falcon. But as you can see in the second to fifth photos below, it can be hard to tell from a distance, especially when they are moving at speed and then fly off without a good viewing. I've had a few discussions with others about the high number of Black Falcon sightings, and it would seem the general opinion is that a lot of those are in fact Brown Falcons, possibly the immature ones as they are a lot darker than the older ones.
The first photo is out of sequence just because it was the one that really grabbed me when I downloaded the photos. The rest of them are as it comes towards me and lands:


Happy Birding.


  1. Lovely pics Richard, birds of prey are my favourites.

  2. Hi!
    Lovely serie of this stunning bird of prey
    Greetings from Sweden

  3. wow, fantastic photographs. I might've been a lot wary of it zooming close!