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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Brown Falcon and Kites on wires

With the amount of food on offer at Newcastle Waters due to the flooding swamps, the Birds of Prey are massing in huge numbers, especially on the wires overlooking the overflowing causeway. Fish are desperately trying to cross the road in huge numbers, the ones I could see were only small fry, but the larger ones were using the deeper water further along the causeway.
A bit farther back from the causeway was this Brown Falcon. Normally when the car either slows down or stops, the birds directly above fly off. Fortunately for me, this one was either too full or just couldn't be bothered and stayed put.

 There must have been well over 100 mainly Black Kites with a few Whistling Kites in there as well. I watched them swoop down and pick off the struggling fish. The photo below is part of the amassing Kites:

Some of them came by for a closer look and others sat on the road:

Black Kites

Whistling Kite

So if anyone has noticed that the Black Kites are missing from their area, I think I've found where they are!

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