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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Birds around and near the Alice Springs Desert Park

The sun finally broke through yesterday, if only in patches, and went bird-watching with my youngest son, Moses, near the Alice Springs Desert Park. The first animal we saw was a dingo before we had even left the car park to go to the picnic area:

We saw a few birds to start with in the picnic area of the Desert Park and then wandered up the track towards Mt Gillen from John Flynn's grave, just west of the Desert Park. The birds really only started to come in numbers just as we were heading back to the car (can happen sometimes which can be a bit frustrating). Below is a selection of some of the birds we saw. Moses had a few lifers so I'll start with them:

Chestnut-rumped Thornbill

Inland Thornbill

Mulga Parrot

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater

Splendid Fairy-wren

Western Gerygone

1 comment:

  1. Again the colours of this Wren are quite exquisite!
    The second shot is a beauty!
    But my heart goes to the Mulga parakeet, naturally! A real jewel!
    Well done and now I'll have a look at your son's videos!
    Cheers, Richard!