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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Newcastle Waters, a birding secret? Brolgas, Mannikans, Eagles and Kites, Egrets, Ibis'

Newcastle Waters is about 25 kms north of Elliott. At the moment there is lots of water around, which translates to lots of birds.

It is not often you can get all three Ibis in the same photo, but I managed that today. The Glossy Ibis is in the foreground:

and there was a nice pair of Glossy Ibis showing the difference between the male (on the right) and the female:

There were also Brolgas, very exciting as I wasn't expecting them to be anywhere near here:

and quite a few Pictorella Mannikans, a bird I hadn't seen previously. They were a fair way off to start with and then a big group flew away but fortunately one came for a drink near to where I was sitting:

Some of the other birds included below have their mouths open and although there was a lot of chatter, I think it was mainly because they were hot:
Black Kite

Black-shouldered Kite

Masked Lapwing

Peaceful Dove

Rainbow Bee-eater

another one with a dragonfly

Whistling Kite with tongue out

White-breasted Woodswallows

The 3 Amigos?

White-winged Triller


  1. Congratulations on your lifer Rich! What a day and great shots as usual.

    The lapwing seems to differ in appearance to those in southern climes or is it just the heat!?

    1. Did notice the red knees, might just be a young one.