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Monday, 9 January 2012

Zebra Finch Frenzy near Yulara - photos and video

I've headed south to Yulara today and stopped off about 20 kms before getting to town. I was first alerted something might be happening by a Black Kite soaring above. But when I pulled up, the Black Kite was forgotten as 100s of Zebra Finches were going nuts near the water tank. It has rained a lot here today and the finches were getting into the pebbles and mud underneath, much like the Fairy Martins yesterday. They were also drinking from the puddle nearby.

The first video is of the Zebra Finches in the bushes nearby to where the above photos were taken. The Zebs continually "flocked off" as they were threatened by some unknown thing nearby. They flew from the roadside into these bushes. This is just one of a few bushes they flew off to:

The second video is of the Zebs on the ground, feeding on something in the mud and stones:


  1. Love these shots of these birds on the aussie orange dirt. They just go together don't they? Spectacular!