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Thursday, 12 January 2012

More Crimson Chats and a Bronzewing Calling Card at Yulara

Note to self, walking along a road will probably produce more bird-watching opportunities than driving along the same strip. I returned to the road down to the power station today and was on foot.I'd driven down the same road 2 days ago and although I saw a number of birds, Crimson Chats weren't among them. Well, they were there today and probably there two days ago as well. The birds have been visible but quite often at a distance where photographs, even with the new lens, just wasn't what I had hoped so I put the extender on today and was quite pleased to be able to get some half decent shots. But before the Chats, I was walking along  path and a Common Bronzewing was strolling along in front of me. I thought it would fly off, and it seemed as though it was going to, but then came back into the middle of the path and left a calling card! I was waiting for the rangers to come along and ask me if I had a plastic bag for that! (as per dog owners). I hadn't put the converter on when I took this shot.

So onto the Crimson Chats. I had the whole family around me. There must have been some pretty tasty insects in the air as they were all flying up vertically, catching an insect, then dropping down, gliding to a perch or a safe haven on the ground. This female was quite some distance away but the converter helped bring it closer:

The male was even further away:

But the juvenile came in nice and close:

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