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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More birds from Yulara - White-winged Fairy-wren and close-up of Black-faced Woodswallow

Back down to Yulara this week and I love birds who decide to come in and check you out. A family of White-winged Fairy-wrens were twittering and flittering a fair way from me to start with but eventually the male came to within 10 or so metres and after watching him for a while finally remembered to use the camera:

I walked a little further down the track and was watching a couple of Black-faced Woodswallows feeding on one of the few yellow flowers still blooming when a Singing Honeyeater decided it wanted the same flower:
I watched the Singing Honeyeater chase after one of the woodswallows and then the second woodswallow flew straight at me and sat on a branch in the tree virtually beside me. To get the full view of this very friendly bird, right-click over the top of the image and open in a new window. It really was a very special feeling knowing that the bird, and that beak, was only a bit further than arms length away. It stayed nearby for 3-4 minutes, not fussed about me at all:

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