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Friday, 20 January 2012

Major Mitchell Cockatoos and Cockatiels

Stopped off at one of the designated Rest Areas on the way back from Yulara today and was very happy to see Major Mitchell Cockatoos feeding on the cones from the Desert Oaks:

Between Yulara and the Rest Stop, I had seen large numbers of small to medium (read 4 to 120) flocks of Budgerigars and had noticed flocks of larger birds, not nearly as many flocks, but only realised when I saw the flock at the rest stop that they were in fact Cockatiels (although I'd like to, I can't stop at every bird or group of birds I see, otherwise I'd never get home!)


Well worth the stop I thought to myself as I drove out back onto the Lasseter Highway.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! Good grief!
    I am soooooo jalous! LOL!
    I never dared have any of those Major Mitchell's in my aviaries, the males are killers in captivity and breeding from is an exploit!!
    How wonderful to admire them in their natural habitat!
    Your pictures are a dream to me!
    Also, the 4th Cockatiel picture is absolutely amazing!
    A pleasure to come here!
    Cheers, Richard!