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Monday, 2 January 2012

Buff-banded Rail close encounter

Went for a lovely walk at Fisher's wetland with the boys and the B-I-L (see his website here ) which is a birding paradise just before Churchill Island on Phillip Island in Victoria. There is a walk through bushland and then a boardwalk along the side of some wetlands and then further bushland before meeting the inlet that surrounds Churchill Island.
Whilst we had our binoculars and cameras pointed towards the wetlands, standing a few metres apart, one of my sons called my name, and then kept quiet. He waited until I responded (what a well-drilled birder!) and then informed me a bird had been feeding between the two adults!. We had seen an Australian Crake earlier and he thought it was a similar bird. We looked into the bushes behind us and found a Buff-banded Rail. We quickly snapped off some photos looking into the bushes and thought that would be our chance. Pete hung around and took some lovely close-ups. He then moved on and I returned, hoping to have a similar encounter. The Buff-banded Rail has been a bit of a story within the birding competition that is the WFS Twitch, so I should not have been surprised when I was also fortunate enough to have a close encounter:

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  1. Great series of this guy. They are quite handsome aren't they?