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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Whistling Whistlers, Splendid Splendids and others early morning Simpsons Gap

Went for an early morning drive out to Simpsons Gap, one of the most consistent places for getting close-up photos of birds at the moment. I was hoping to see a few different varieties compared to recent visits, but would still be happy with more photos of the regulars as well. Simpsons Gap was quite breezy but the view back from the Gap itself was too good not to take a snap:

There have always been Rufous Whistlers there when I have been, but generally are a bit more elusive than some other species. This morning there were at least three different RWs who came and looked at this RW up close and personal which was fantastic:

One of the more interesting "usual" was a greeny-coloured Splendid Fairy-wren and its more normal blue-purple friends were quite spectacular as well:

There were a few Grey Shrike-thrush around also and there was a funny moment between one of these and a juvenile Yellow-rumped Thornbill. It looked to me as though the Thornbill was asking for something, but I soon realised they were both chasing the same insect and the GST won:

There was also a close encounter with a Diamond Dove:

Willie Wagtail:

either an Inland or a Slaty-backed Thornbill:

a lovely Brown Honeyeater in the early morning sun:

and this morning I have had two different encounters with Sacred Kingfishers. The first was at Simpsons Gap, and it almost looked as though it was sitting in a basket, although it was just the arrangement of the branches it was sitting in:

and the other encounter was when I arrived home, a very noisy SK in our front yard:


  1. What a super collection of birds. Makes me quite homesick.

  2. excellent photos, the morning light makes such a positive influence