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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mistletoebird Magic at Simpsons Gap

A visit out to Simpsons Gap was made special by a Mistletoebird who sat on a branch about eye level and preened itself as I crept closer and closer, in full view, and am happy to say it was still there after I'd moved on:

I saw a few other birds while I was there, lots of the smaller varieties including Yellow-rumped Thornbills and I think the second photo is a juvenile, although they are a fair bit different so I'm not sure, but was definitely "part of the family" as it hopped and flew around two adult birds:

Also saw some Crested Pigeons, 

Rufous Whistlers 

and Western Gerygone:
All in all, a very pleasant few hours and the Mistletoebird was a dream to photograph.

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  1. I search for Mistletoe birds wherever I go where mistletoe can be seen growing from the trees. I haven't seen any though for a few years now, so I feel your excitement at being so lucky to have an opportunity like this where one presents itself in a perfect position for a photograph! Thanks so much for sharing, it's wonderful to see the bright red plumage of the Mistletoe bird once again. (my blog: Na Nean, birding in Gippsland, VIc is at