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Friday, 16 September 2011

Spinifex Pigeon

Had a visit out to John Hayes Rockhole and Trephina Gorge recently and spent most of my time around the Rockhole walk. I wasn't sure what I was likely to see, but I was kind of hoping to see some Painted Finches, maybe some Grasswrens and possibly some Spinifex Pigeons. I dipped on the Painted finches, not even sure if they have been seen out that way, but did see some Zebra Finches, so they always make me smile. Coming back down the Gorge to the Rockholes, along the "Gorge floor" as the sign told me, I thought I was hearing Fairy-wrens, but silly me, the Dusky Grasswrens did finally appear 50 metres away from me and stayed high along the rocks. One bird group conspicuous by their absence were the birds of prey. I didn't see a singly BoP along the road in or at the Rockhole. It wasn't until the final and largest remaining rockpool with water that I chanced upon 4 Spinifex Pigeons. Two flew one way and two the other way. So which do you watch? Well, if you are like me you try to watch all 4 and end up wondering "where did they go?!" Luckily one eventually stuck their head out from a ledge above me and I managed a half-decent photo, something I have struggled to achieve with these birds in the past:


  1. Come and visit us @DesertPark. There is a large number of spinnies which live at the amphitheatre. Very quiet and approachable. Great photo opps