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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fires on the hills - photos from night of Tuesday 27th Sept.

Below are the photos, and even though somewhat beautiful, the thoughts are also about the loss of habitat for the local animals and birds, not to mention the concerns of residents near the fires.

We await reports on the nesting Wedge-tailed Eagles and their chick and the fate of the dusky grasswrens, rufous-crowned emu wrens as well as the wallabies and all other species that have made these hills their homes. Also, although relieved there has been no loss of buildings or human life at the Alice Springs Desert Park, the cost of the fires may not be known for some time until counts are done on resident species.

Anyway, here are the pics from tonight both on the southern and northern side of Heavitree Gap:

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  1. Scrub fires are frightening. We often get them in Hong Kong in autumn, but luckily it's chucking it down as I type.

    Hope the birds survived.