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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Black Falcon or Batman? and others

I ran into Chris Watson at the Poo Ponds, which was lucky for me because in the first minute or so he pointed out a Black Falcon, soaring overhead, or was it the Batman signal? I'll let you be the judge:

Apart from that, it is quickly becoming apparent my identification of Waders needs a lot of work, I wonder if others have the same issues.

Grebes are a little bit easier to identify, we only have 4 species to Australian waters/land, and usually only 3 main ones, and at Alice only 2 the majority of the time.
The Hoary-headed Grebe is a strange looking character with its head feathers dry, but this one had just taken a dip:
And the Australasian Grebe is normally fairly placid and an observer can normally get quite close without spooking them. Maybe it was my bright orange shirt because this was what they did when I approached:
Now I've consulted the bird books and worked out the Banded Lapwing is a fair bit smaller than the Masked Lapwings, I have been able to spot it a bit better and I managed to get a better photo of it this time:
But there is always room for improvement to get even better photos, next time.

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  1. Nice shot of the Black Falcon. Wonderful bird. Russell