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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back to the ASWSP

Back to town and a lunchtime peruse around the poo ponds. Only birds of particular note unusual to visits before were a little black cormorant and a long-billed corella, which others I have seen, and now I have too.

No appearance by a recently seen black falcon, but the black kites were there for the first time in a few visits.
The whiskered tern decided to follow me around the edges a bit today and managed a few nice shots:

A black-tailed native hen was next in the sights:

australasian pipits were common among the grasses by the sides of the ponds:
and a red-capped plover was a nice change from the black-fronted and red-kneed dotterels:
the fairy-wrens were particularly accommodating today, normally spread out, as they were for the most part again today, but I had a lovely 5 or so minutes with first a splendid:
followed by a white-winged:
and then a variegated:
each of these malews were accompanied by a number of females and you, and I stood virtually in the same spot for each of the above three photos. No, not the most wonderful photos taken of these birds, but I was enthralled by each of them.
Finally, back to the Corellas. They are a noisy crew as the fly into the trees, on this occasion (I have seen on past occasions too) they flew into the trees on the north east corner, near the tip entrance. I have known there is supposedly a Long-billed Corella sneaking amongst the Little Corellas, but haven't tracked it down until today:
Little Corella:(left) Long-billed Corella (right)

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