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Friday, 29 July 2011

A walk around Yulara

After a few delays at work, we eventually headed down for our docker River trip, and stayed the night at Yulara. while everyone else headed off to watch the sunset over the Rock, I went for a bird-watch around the local streets near the Camel Farm, War Memorial and Coach Camping. It was pretty and quiet. A small red-capped robin was my first serious sighting once I'd cleared the yellow-throated miners and singing honeyeaters around the hotel. I could see something flitting around the base of one of the larger shrubs/trees and waited in the shadows. He must have seen me and came to check me out:

then his older brother turned up

Next was a spiny-cheeked honeyeater sitting in the late afternoon sun
and then a common bronzewing sat on the path I was following

some of the flowers were just stunning:

the yellow-throated miner thought so too:


and then I happened along a little stretch of path, running parallel with the main road, where the birdlife sprang up all around me. The first was a crimson chat family. I saw the male briefly and the camera wasn't quick enough, but the young one hopped around on the road near me and then a more mature bird flew over as well:

next were some black-faced birds - both the woodswallows and cuckoo-shrikes:

there were also zebra finches flitting around and then I had an enjoyable time watching a brown falcon pretend it was a pipit or some similarly behaved bird, and then like a cat, stalking through the grass, jumping on clumps of grass, it was really amazing to see. Pictures won't do it justice but I'll put them here anyway:



 All in all. after a slow start, it was a well-spent hour and a half.

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