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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pacific Baza

This species has a special place in our family as it was known all around WA in 2010 as the "Picfic Baza". When I realised what it was, I was very excited. However, it didn't look like I thought it would and it was after a couple of photos that I realised there was something wrong. I stopped taking photos and was a bit horrified to see the poor bird's left eye was covered by some sort of growth. I wondered later if this wasn't the reason why I was able to stand and watch this bird for 5 minutes without it really noticing I was there, or if it did, it certainly didn't seem worried by my presence, 50 feet away and all the way down on the ground admittedly, but more often than not, when I get this close to a bird, and bird of prey especially, they tend to fly off fairly quickly.

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